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Alexander Milas - Editor, Metal Hammer

Want to make the boss/CEO appear from an empty box onstage? Looking for a really different feature for your usual boring staff xmas party? Something different on your cruise ships? Are you a festival wanting to book an elite, experienced performer? Want a large scale upside down escapology pr stunt?

Then look NO further! Chris has performed  his unique act worldwide - a comedic show of cunning stunts, magnificent magic tricks & daring escapology! It can be performed indoors, outdoors, for any ages, in any venue, upside down, in the air, on the ground, for any length of time between 5 mins and an hour!


Chris has been repeatedly booked to entertain some of the largest companies in the world!

Examples include Microsoft, Exxon Mobil, Diesel Dubai & many more! He leaves a lasting impression on all of your guests and a smile on their faces at that, too! If you are looking for an entertainer who will stand out and add something a little different to your event, then look no further! He's popular at AGMs, dinners, product promotions, team building days and all other events. He uses quick wit and tricks to keep everyone entertained throughout the day or evening! A huge hit at every corporate event attended!

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Chris is a festival favourite!

His show can get wilder than wild for a late night drunken crowd, or it can remain a simply charming show for a family audience. Either way, it won't be forgotten!




Chris Cross has played his critically acclaimed show at the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival annually over the last decade, bringing the public back to see him in action year after year!



"There are many things you can say about Chris Cross; That he's a shrinking violet is not one of them. Coming across as some devil-may-care, 'just arsing about' Geordie answer to Russell Brand. Cross not so much intrudes into the audience's personal space, he actively bounds across it, tweaks the audience's nipples and invites them to lick his own in return. Sitting towards the back of the room is no guarantee of safety either. That's when he's not telling straight men to kiss each other; that, willingly or not, they actually do says much about Cross' strength of personality and the brutal realities of audience peer pressure, especially in a pub venue late in the evening. "They've been great; they could have been you", Cross says at one point, demanding plenty of noise as his two most recent 'volunteers' return to their seats. A relived audience is happy to oblige; just because, at the time Cross is tied tightly into a straitjacket, doesn't mean they feel safe.

Cross is the kind of performer who delights in throwing himself out of the plane without bothering with any kind of parachute; his recent challenge to Mike Tyson (Getting the former boxer to put him in the straitjacket), feels typical of the man - being both inspired attention grabber and 'crazy sh*t'. Yes his innate success is down to being able, against all the odds, to come across as pretty un-threatening - the scruffy puppy you can't help but love despite it having just pissed over the living room carpet.

Make no mistake, however; Cross is an experienced, skilled and exceptionally talented performer, whether it's confounding with some close magic tricks - which he dismisses as not even being part of his show - and his focus on contortionism and impressive escapology. Seeing Cross actively dislocate his shoulders is not for the faint-hearted, but the rush of seeing him succeed is undeniable. Once seen, Mr. Cross will never be forgotten."

Paul Cockburn, Broadway Baby

"Chris Cross is horrible, but it's not a bad thing. Chris Cross is abjectly offensive, but he pulls it off. Watching Chris Cross is like watching a snake - grotesque and potentially damaging, but hypnotically fascinating. As contortionists go, the grungy figure loping around on stage is not exactly what you'd expect. A previous performer in the same space in the Voodoo Rooms described him as "Jesus on smack", and in appearance (Jesus) and manner (Smack) he certainly doesn't disappoint. He isn't a slight, lanky figure, but a tall Russell Brand look-a-like with stature and substance. Most likely illegal substance. This boundless, seemingly drug induced energy carries his show for a full hour of laughs, horrified gasps and outraged squirms.


When it comes down to it, all the contorting Chris Cross does is dislocate his shoulder three times in an hour. While I won't pretend to suggest that this is something I could do, just the simple act of out-in-out-in-out-in is hardly enough to fill an hour. What he does instead is draw out his performance with rude and witty anecdotes, teasing and downright abusing of the audience (ladies of a larger chest, I would strongly advise not sitting near the front if you don't want to be molested as I was), and self-operated musical interludes. When he's not twisting his quite frankly lovely body into the most horrific shapes, he is dragging willing and unwilling volunteers up to the stage to perform dubious acts that would make even a normal cabaret goer blush. This performance is certainly not for the squeamish or the easily offended. As a free show it should come with a health warning. You are going to get plenty more than your moneys worth, and probably leave mentally scarred. But if you're going to see a contortionist this fringe, go and see Chris Cross, and not only because he is the only one. He is outrageous and offensive, and bloody good fun." 

Leila Battison, Broadway Baby 

"Originally a street entertainer, Chris Cross stalks the stage with the presence of a lanky Geordie velociraptor who immediately engages targets in the audience, energising them with seemingly minimal effort. An extravagant and boisterous performer with  a penchant for the lewd, who - when you couple that with his genuine cheekiness - almost becomes a charmingly offensive and lovably smutty Frank Spencer. Although a confessed lover of his own voice, he appears to revel in awkward silences, that he purposely creates like a pregnant pause in a Pinter play.


Chris is not primarily a stand-up comedian, so the preamble and vocal rousing of the audience before he turns to his contortionist, magic and escapology, which ranges from cheap tricks to genuinely crafted talent, is a necessary part of his act anywhere he performs. No performer with a large visual section in his or her act simply walks on stage in silence and begins a trick. His lunacy could be sometimes seen as detrimental - but he pulls it off with a foolish rakishness. The man is a mishmash of the beguiling, the tawdry, the sick and the extreme - he is mind and body weirdness personified." 

Rob Alexander, Giggle Beats



Chris is often booked to perform at burlesque shows, comedy clubs, theatres, circus touring, fringe festivals, comedy festivals and beyond!


Chris' magic, escapology & comedy brought the curtain down at Whitley Bay's iconic 'Spanish City' dome ahead of it's redevelopment. Being North East born and bred, Chris jumped at the opportunity to be the LAST ever act to perform at the venue in it's original format, 48 hours before the builders moved in...


Chris has performed for lots of celebrities, from Boy George's 50th in London and Alice Cooper's press conference, to entertaining the Prince of Bahrain at the Bahrain F1 Grand Prix! He's supported bands such as Bloc Party, Pendulum, Bonnie Tyler, The Stanton Warriors etc. at multiple music festivals and entertained for numerous celebrity only & VIP parties/events...

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