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The Magic of Lilyburn Green by Mark Raffles & Chris Cross the Magician


    The Magic of Lilyburn Green by Mark Raffles & Chris Cross the Magician


    The Magic of Lilyburn Green is a story aimed towards children, though can be enjoyed by all ages! It's all about a magical life-sized rabbit, who takes a young boy (Charlie) on a magical journey from sitting the audience of a magic show, to an adventure down the rabbit hole, to a world of magic, enchanted rabbits and wonder!




    Mark Raffles was a variety star magician who performed magic acts featuring different coloured poodles on stage, making baby chicks appear under empty cups and linking together solid metal rings in a way you've not seen before! He also earned his way around the globe, with his World-class pickpocket act. Above all, he was a true gentleman.

    A few years ago, I self-published a children's storybook called 'The Geordie Santa by Chris Cross the Magician', a Christmas story with a regional twist for the people of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and beyond. It sold well and received a good response. I'd gifted Mark Raffles a copy in the post, as a Christmas present...

    A few days later, at the tender age of 99 years young, Mark called me up and told me how much he really loved the story! "I love everything about it, it's wonderful!" He thought the design of the book and the magical illustrations brought the story to life! Mark then posted me a hand-written draft story. Ahead of his 100th birthday, he had written it himself during lockdown! It was such a magical package to receive in the post, from this real-life elder wizard! He proposed that I publish his own children's storybook for him... It needed a lot of editing, re-arranging and changes here and there and everywhere. With the blessing of his son, Tim Raffles-Taylor, I took Mark up on his offer to publish it!

    I re-worked the text completely, still keeping the original story entirely intact. I brought Rosie back in to illustrate the whole book and I've designed it all. It's a wonderfully magical children's storybook, full of colourful illustrations, suitable for ages 5 to 500.


    A portion of any profits made will go to Brinsworth House, The Home for Retired Variety Entertainers.


    The Magic of Lilyburn Green by Mark Raffles & Chris Cross the Magician

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